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Dysphagia, or swallowing disorder, is particularly difficult to detect and affects up to 75% of stroke patients, as well as patients with Parkinson's disease, ALS, and half of the patients hospitalised following Covid19.

The main complications are respiratory infections and malnutrition, which can worsen and lead to pneumonia and death.

Access to swallowing expertise is difficult due to medical deserts and organizational complexities such as patient travel from their institution to the expert' s office and hospital evaluation centers.

Yet early detection and treatment reduces the complications, duration and number of hospitalisations, as well as the use of medications such as antibiotics and industrial textured foods.
All these factors lowering the mortality rate.

For more information:
- swallowingdisorderfoundation.com
- Dysphagia on video

"In my daily work, I experience the despair of patients and families affected by dysphagia and the frustration of nurses and doctors when they are unable to offer patients a swallowing test (...)".

-Xavier Cormary -
speech therapist in Toulouse and its region

Swallis DSA device

Swallis DSA™ revolutionizes the care pathway for patients with dysphagia or at risk for swallowing disorders through a dedicated telemedicine platform that connects your patients with swallowing experts.

illustration of the complete Swallis DSA device

Telemedicine solution
•  Non-invasive
•  Up to 10 minutes recording time
•  Quick and easy to install
•  Staff and patient peace of mind
•  Long-term follow-up

teleconsultation illustration


Close to your patients,
even at a distance

the illustrated consultation


 Comfort, mobility
and speed

Swallis DSA device demonstrated in hospital

In the hospital

Simplicity, availability
and efficiency

"We believe Swallis DSA™ has the potential to improve the health and quality of life of millions of patients and their families around the world."

- Linda Nicolini -
CEO and founder of Swallis Medical

The team

Swallis Medical is a committed team of experts ranging from R&D to Evidence Based Medicine, with the goal of impactful medical innovation.

Swallis Medical continues to grow:
join the adventure and find all our job offers on Linkedin.

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Our partners

Swallis DSA™ has been made possible thanks to the strong support and commitment of our partners,
who, alongside us, contribute to the positive evolution of care pathways.

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